- m e r l y s s a -
Meet up with my 3 friends whom I know since my foundation year in Curtin
for a yam-cha session in Najwa.
*Eli, Alan, & Shariman... guess which one is the KL-ian*

We chat on things...
from foundation until our final year...
on lecturers to classmates...
about classes to clubs...
about how different we've been...
past and future...
things we've worried before & things we're worrying...

It has always been nice chatting with this bunch because they're always funny and the words/phrases that they use is always kua-zhang (exaggerate)...
I know I will definitely miss them, like... so much.

Read this...
(In Najwa)
*waitress come give menu*
*me and the other 2 guys just order drinks*

Eli: "you all dont wanna eat anything?'
Me, Alan, Man: "nola..."
Eli: *turn to the waitress* "err....nanti kalau saya lapar saya order..."

LOL. she said that in the most selamba way ever okay!

(In Car)
*Man and Eli were talking about a friend*
Eli: "where is he now ah?'
Man: "terkorban in misi already..."
Eli: *in SHOCK* "Har??? really?? how come?? why??"
*and all the WH-Questions continuosly repeated while Man was laughing so hard while driving*
Man: "nola...what I meant was, he flunk his subjects and left Miri already"
Eli: "OHHHHHHH...Cheh! Scare me! I thought you say he terkorban in misi what....I thought like misi in Iraq or war at somewhere... read too much International news ba recently..."
*Me and Alan laugh like crazy at the passenger seat behind*

Sigh...Eli, you never fail to crack me up la... Thanks! hehe...

I think I'd definitely miss my Uni-life...
not exactly the Uni itself,
the bond,
the friends,
the memory,
the crazy things I did,
the stupid things I said,
the moment(s).

There's gonna be more yam-cha session to come
and I'm gonna treasure my time spent with them...

Till then,

with the coffeeness in me,

- m e r l y s s a -
Officially done with exams.

Worried with 2 papers and the other 2, should be fine~

Lots of outings after this, and it's gonna be my last few days in Miri till I come again for visit(s).

But for now, I'm still alive even after the i-don-consider-very-stress study week.
*well, just chose not to be stressed, or more accurately I was more occupied with THIS*

*Loving it.*

But oh well, exams is over... Time to pack my things and leave, not sure what to pack, what's even worst, I don't know where to start! =P

We'll worry about that later...for now, it's time to.....

Till then,

with the coffeeness in me,

- m e r l y s s a -
Again... Not that it matters... :P

Anyways... My study week was rather... less productive than my other peers... When I'm supposed to be pulling my hairs and stressing over my revision week, I was out yamcha-ing and meeting up with friends... =P *oh, but no, not cuz I'm all well-prepared for my finals, not at all!* So, since I got back from Bintulu on Tuesday, my productive days (sound so wrong, but yea) are only till friday afternoon, then my yamcha session starts.

I was out on Friday night with Ambrose & Grace the newly weds, together with (Dr.) George also Alvin & Adeline the ever-loving couple. We were chitchating in Starbucks about George and Ambrose's 'those-were-the-days-moment' and it was really funny! I really would love to share their story, but I think it is inappropriate. *make the angel look*

Then on Saturday went out with Michael, another friend we met at Ambrose's wedding who came down from Brunei for his 'monthly-only-offday' *yes, only 1 offday/month, no weekends too!*. So we went to BigApple, first time for me in Miri, and look what's on their menu!

*I think this is made for me.... No? =p*

At night, another friend whom we met also at Ambrose's wedding, Lemon, take us out to dinner at "shi li xiang" for Bak-Kut-Teh... It's like a gathering cum makan-makan session weekend you know! And all of them so generous to 'qing-ke'.... THANKS!

So, that's it for my current update just in case you thought I already die from pulling out all my hairs during my revision week. LOL.

*All the best Curtin-ians! Let's go out partying after exam! WUHHOOO*

Till then,

with the coffeeness in me,

- m e r l y s s a -
Harrrooooooo!!! (Hamtaro 2009) *it's Hello in Barbie Language*

I just got back from Bintulu, and this post is just to let u know I'm back safely :)

The trip was AWESOME! Had so much fun and made new friends! Will blog about the wedding during my revising break-time (ya,right.)!

Anyways, while on the bus back from Bintulu, I tried to take my nap but failed. So, while listening to some emo and sentimental songs on my iPod shuffle, I wrote Something... Not dedicated to anyone la... just these words came into my mind then I started typing on my phone while my 3 friends doze into their lala-land~

* please dont laugh... this is my first time to write this...*

To hold your hands is what I've longed for,
To see you is what I've been anticipating,
To love you is all I want to do,
To miss you is what I'd do every moment possible,
To think of you is never an exception.

I'd brush your hair like a baby when you lie on my lap,
I'd pray with you when you're at time of difficulties,
I'd stare you to sleep whenever you fall asleep beside me,
I'd hug you even when you don't need one,
I'd tell you lame jokes just so you could make fun of me,
I'd hold my pee if I have to just so you could tell me how your day went,
and tell me funny stories or even the unhappy ones,
I'd take us to our favourite restaurant to celebrate your achievement, or even for the fun of it,
I'd cook for you even if my cooking sucks.

Every sunset I'll pray that your worries will go away,
and when the sunrise comes,
your day will be brighter as if the sun gets bigger.

I would... as long as you'll be there.
And the rest,
is irrelevant.

Corny... No? HAHAHAHAHHAHA~ I think the inspiration came from the wedding I attended. The couple is so loving... and I'm really REALLY happy for them till I think I cry 1st before the bride's mom. wth? HAHAHAH~

with the coffeeness in me,