- m e r l y s s a -
Wow, I'm kinda impressed with myself how I can easily forgot to update my blog.
*okla, maybe not EXACTLY forgot, but somewhere there...*

# 1 - what happened?
I've been traveling back and forth from Labuan-KK this past few weeks.
Purpose? Just Cuti-Cuti-KK and also went for an interview.
The 2 hours drive feels like, it was no longer a big deal to sit in a car and listen to the same songs in my playlist. I somehow got used to it and I especially enjoy the speed boat ride! HAHA.
One of my teramat naughty cousin sleeping during one of the trip back to kk
*notice the keropok, she was holding on to it even when she's sound asleep. Oh, she's a liverpool fan, well, the dad made her to be. pfft.*

Then, went out with friends, nothing much, just the normal catching up and kepoh session.
and of course that also means it involves our fav restroom in Labuan. hehe.

hmm, other than that, my life was pre-occupied with house chores - something that I seriously dont enjoy doing,fyi.

# 2 - The 'lucky' employer
For those who've been wondering whether I'm still unemployed,
well, I'm unofficially employed now.
Who: Promenade Hotel.
Where: KK
When: Starting on 23rd Sept.
What: As coordinator for Events & Catering under Sales & Marketing dept.
*trust me, I'm not sure myself what coordinator do exactly*
Why: What why? to get a job la~
Who: Who? Me?
How: What how? No idea how to answer this.
Bonus Question that I wont answer: The pay - all I can say is, I can only survive, can't live.

# 3 - what's next?
Well, I'm really looking forward to this next phase of life. Another roller coaster ride for sure. Been making quite a number of BIG decisions lately that pretty much is life changing.
I guess that's the sign I'm growing older?
I'm leaving to KK this thurs and gonna start working immediately after Raya.
Honestly, I feel reluctant to leave... for some reasons.
But, decisions have been made, I have to move on with life.
Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited and anticipating what's gonna happen next.
So, please do always keep me in prayers, aight? =)

# 4 - current thoughts
~how to update or whether to even bother updating this blog considering I wont have internet connection at the place I'm staying in KK.
~if it's possible that I wont be thrown any difficult questions and issues that requires me to make BIG decisions in my life.
~if things could for once go as I planned.
~why 90210 and GG's new season's episode contain more make-out scene?
not that I wanna complain, just wondering. hmm..
~when can I see my friends again... c'mon, someone please organize a reunion?

# 5 - I miss~
@ uni life
when I was in KK, with no internet connection and nothing else better to do, I browse thru the pics in my laptop.
20-30% of the folders are uni pics, and it was really a touching moment to reminisce those days...

^skipping classes - something I'm infamous of =P
^daydreaming in boring classes - do this 80% of the time
^complaining how I couldn't understand what the lecturer is crapping about
(okla, I admit sometimes caused by the daydreaming... haha.)
^secretly snapping my classmates' pic in class - until some are afraid to sit next to me, adui.
^have photoshoot session in campus - crazy times
^the busy days of council - i miss them, a lot.
^complaining about the food in campus and senadin - i miss enxin's chicken rice tho.
^ironically, I miss those last-minute assignment and studying for tests. HAHA!
^setting a goal every sem that I know for sure I wont be able to achieve - like, not to skip classes and finishing assignments earlier. =P
^always wanted to skip weekdays and looking forward to weekend even it's just Monday
^cuci mata in cafeteria - gosh, this one... let's not go there.

Goodness... I could just go on and on and on and on ...
and okay, let's stop here for now.

So, yeah. I seriously miss school.
Now, everyone just have new commitments and their own things to do.
I guess, it's really time for me to accept the fact that...
I, too...
should move on with life.

with the coffeeness in me,