- m e r l y s s a -
Yea... That's what someone says, or should I say.... some people... *roll eyes*

Anyhoo-haa...~ I'm not gonna do that at the moment cuz frankly, there's nothing much to update except...

I'm bored,
I miss school,
I haven't unpack (yes, been back for few days now, but...
choi ah?),
I'm tired,
I'm craving for good food,
and... oh... did I mention,

I'm unofficially a graduate!!!

Don't be so happy just yet,
cuz that also means...

I'm officially unemployed now...

I'll write something when I've got something to write aight~

*maybe i should do this, waddya think?*

Till then,

with the coffeeness in me,

Random thought
: Should I change my blog skin? Please vote at the non-existing poll if you're For or Against it. *see, told u I'm bored.*