- m e r l y s s a -
So, it is officially 2 weeks now since I had my braces off... YAY!

I had it for only around 1 year+. I was quite surprised when the orthodontist just took it off on my 2nd last appointment. cuz, I've asked him before and he said the braces probably can only be removed in April 2009.

So, how do I feel? Happy of course! It is so inconvenient with the braces on... After I eat, I'll automatically will look for my hp *my hp kinda have a mirror* and check if there's any food got stucked in it~~ It is super ehw okay??? And one thing for sure, with the braces on, I was very self-conscious... whenever I laugh, I'll cover my mouth with my hand... and whenever I smile, the metal on my teeth just hurts my lips.... whenever I talk, my pronunciation just goes wrong cuz of the teeth gap... I can go on and on about it... *those of you who never had braces on b4, you wont understand.... *

So, when I finally had it off, I was so so so so so *times gazillion* HAPPY!!!! I mean, seriously happy! I called my mom immediately after that and asked her to call me back... this is how the conversation goes...

Me: "Mom!!! faster call me back on my cell!"
Mom: "uhhh??? okayy okayy.." *thought there's an emergency*
*call back*
Mom: "What happened??"
Me: "you know! I had my braces off TODAY!!! OMG!!!"
Mom: *silence* "okay..."
Me: "what do u mean 'okay...'....?"
Mom: "you asked me to call you back so urgently just to tell me you had your braces off?"
Me: "uhhh, yeah?"
Mom: "*silence again* "ohhh, okay....so?"
Me: *sweat.............................*

So cold oh!!! many of the people I told also just say "ohh...cool...". But, you can differentiate them with those who ever had braces on before... they'll go "OHHHH!!!! WOW!!!" Cuz, you have to actually wear braces to be excited when it is OFF!!!

But, there's another bunch of people who are excited like I'm announcing my engagement like that~ These ppl are my Student Council members who I've worked with this year... Cuz I had my braces off on Thurs (30/10) and had a Council Dinner in Dynasty Hotel the next night (31/10). So, while waiting for the others to arrive, I kinda told the ppl at my table, "hey, check this out...*smile and show off teeth*..." Nadia at 1st was staring at me and trying to figure "check what out?"... then, she goes "omg! no more braces!" *in a kinda loud voice* then catherine take out her camera and start to take picture.... *sweat*... I was forced to take picture showing off my teeth cuz they never see me doing that... *I kinda have a trademark-smile = not showing my teeth when I smile*...

So, yeah... Now I'm wearing my retainer which I find pretty annoying cuz I can't pronounce properly with 'that-thing' in my mouth... It's ugly, it's annoying and it's uncomfortable...that's all I can say... well, like most guys will say "girls will do anything to look pretty..." I kinda agree with that, cuz hey, not everyone is born pretty okay?.... =P

I've picked the 2 best picture of me smiling without the braces on... So this is how I look like when I smile *showing off my teeth*...

The picture I was forced to smile showing off my teeth during the dinner...

Alan & me in Island Bar after the dinner..
Gosh, I'll blog more about this nite, super funny things happened...*

hehe... So, that's how I look like la... still like Melissa, and I still love coffee... =)

with the coffeeness in me,
- m e r l y s s a -
*breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out...*

2 down... 2 to go...

*...and taking one now...*

Nice song... by Gabe Bondoc - She is

she runs free and the sun in my sky
but she comes to me when she`s got nowhere to hide
she tried to leave once but she didn`t instead came crying
my shoulder her head
i count the seconds that she isnt around
every single minute is a new treasure found
oh she`s my angel she`s my moments of joy
she`s my baby

she`s my love love love love

she`s my love love love love
she`s my love love love love
la la la la

in the middle of the night

i feel her holding me tight
face to face in between yea thats asleep in the night
never enough blanket but to me its alright
she can have it, she can have it all

she`s my love love love love

she`s my love love love love
she`s my love love love love
la la la la

she`s the sun in my sky

no i swear i wont shine without her
in the light of the moon
no i cant help but swoon
theres something about her
forgive me if i go on and on about her charm
something about her i dont know

she`s my love love love love

she`s my love love love love
she`s my love love love love
la la la la

*imagining* the right guy, singing this right song, with the right feel, at the right moment, OH! and right guitar playing also,important!

**slaps myself and cont "figuring" how to start revising for audit**
- m e r l y s s a -
So, as promised, I'm going to post my presents that I've received! YAY!!!

So, lets start in sequence of when I received them... *do click on the picture to enlarge*

1st and foremost, a gift from the boyfriend~

A watch from Esprit... Nice~ I Super Love it, cuz its just the ONE that I've wanted!

then... gift from my beloved IN-5 Gang... *Jing,Vya,Grace & Wen*

3rd Starbucks BOTTLE! OMG~ Cuz, I broke my 2nd one, they just know what I needed~ Awww~

then... a gift from the civil buddies~ *Heng, Alex and Alan*

My DREAM CAR! *its a model, BUT STILL! its Volkswagen Beetle OKAY?!*

then... A gift from Joanna, Chris and Jojo...

Very Very Sexy and Blingy top~~ Uwwwhhh~~~

then... A gift from a very good friend, Aylwin~ *the choc-Addict*

Its a Levi's Jeans!!!! OMG~ SUPER OMG~ So nice~

AND... Last but not least... a gift from a mixed heritage guy from Bosnia and Barbie Land... *ya,its a long story...* ............ Mr. Alvin Hartanto!

Its a Starbucks Limited Edition Notebook!!!! *I know I lied when I say I dont care Vin, but, THANKS!* =D

So... Nice kan!!!! And plus the notes, msg-es, sms-es, prayers and thoughts... from many many many many ppl... I consider that as gifts as well.. Thanks Everyone~~ Million Million Thanks... Only God can repay your kindness and thoughts, cuz like I said, I'm not born rich ba and I don't own Starbucks *sadly*...

So, this will be my last post on my twen-TEEN-one Birthday~

with the coffeeness in me,