- m e r l y s s a -

I'm not sure if anyone will even read this post. Anyway, the reason I blog again is because, well, I think it will be nice to keep a diary of any happenings (ok, not that my life is THAT happening now) in my life, again. Recently, having more free time in the showroom (my current workplace), I like to blog hop - i.e reading the blogs that I listed in my cup of coffee, and I really enjoy reading other people's blog post. And, reading them got me thinking, how many events in the past that we can remember now. I'm sure there were a few occasion, where at that point of time, you told yourself "this is the happiest/unforgettable/best moment of my life that I'll never forget", but now, do you remember what was it? who you were with? when, where, how?

Every now and then, I like to read back my previous post and it made me realize that my life was so much more fun and interesting (or how Nic likes to put it - active) than now. Most of my time now is spent earning hard-earned money. Without my previous posts, honestly, I wouldn't remember that I had red eye during my recent 21 years-old birthday, and that I had tonnes of birthday surprises, wishes and presents! Thanks blog!

Anyway, this post hopefully will remind me to blog more often. I think I need motivation, like... hmm... I don't know what will motivate me to write actually. *starts to have 2nd thoughts posting this entry*

but... regardless,
in case you're wondering...

i'm still,
with the coffeeness in me,