- m e r l y s s a -
Yes, I am back in Labuan and Yes I've abandoned this blog which I know I've just started also... Sigh~~~~~~~~ Reason? Cuz...


Life in labuan is freaking boring and dull. I'm so not used with the routine life - wake up, chores, sleep. and I've repeat this everyday since I arrived labuan and will be, until 22nd dec! I so wanna get the heck out of here... *I know I said that when I was still in Miri too, but yeah, this place is worst.* At least in miri I can do whatever I want, whenever. Sigh...

I guess I should find something more interesting to write next time. *i hope there's still next time, cuz I'm bored to almost death here.* But yeah, this post is just to let some of u guys know I'm still alive k? so, don't worry! =)

Enjoy your semester break Curtin-ians!

with the coffeeness in me,