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So, as for my 1st official entry... It'll be on my Twen-teen-one Birthday! Yay!

So, the night and day goes like this...

9:30pm - Jackson msn me saying he wants me to accompany him to campus. He said something about his friends all busy and he needs to use the campus' PC to do his assignment *right*. Actually, I was super sleepy and my right eye got infection (its super red and painful ok?). So, I said not this time and he has to go alone. But, he insists and say he'll pick me up at 11+pm. Hmm... somehow, I know there's a surprise for me *not that I tidak tau malu,but it's kinda predictable* =P, so I just go with the flow. Then on 11+, while waiting for Jackson, saw Joel's car at my house picking up my hsemate,ying. Then I heard she said something about going to 'supper'. So, I said to myself "hmm,right...". Then again on my way out, I saw Jackson's civil buddies' car, going over to his house... *what a coincidence, suddenly the people that I know just have something to do, at the same time, at the same area...* then...

*me looking at J,smiling*
J: What? they're going to go my hse take something.
Me: Ya ya, I din say anything *still smiling*
J: Whatever...

1140pm - Reached campus... went to ME lab... Adrian and Sharon called from Perth... *suspected few things already cuz Jackson was on the phone every 5 mins"

12+ - J Said "ok, my groupmate done her work already, she's in G3 lab, wanna go take now..." So, headed down to G3 hesitantly... so walk walk walk... till almost reach G3... I saw smoke, with sparks of green,red,yellow and donno what colour else...

Me: yer...why got smoke wan???? scarrry....
Heng,Alan, Alex *civil buddies* and Agnes: "Happy birthday to u...happy birthday to u..... *cont' the bday song*.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"
Me: *speechless*... what r u doing here??? *then play the bunga api with them....happily!*

Then continue walking towards G3 lab *suspect something wrong dy*.... then....I went to the last lab, the back door open, then all walk towards back door...

Me: "why dont go from front door?"
Them: "erm, go la go la..can also..."
Me: *walk into G3 lab then no one.... but all PC's are on...in powerpoint slide, but I didnt notice...then i look closely....its......*

Slides of wishes from different ppl.... *awww...touched*
I even have a choir, the conductor is in pink shirt! =P
And my cake is super BIG! like tayar the civil buddies said...

okla, put my pic la...I dont want actually...cuz i look super cincai and was in my specs... *omg* - Me cutting cake, oh and make my usual 3 wishes-

So, I have to identify each slide who do which one...Wah....really really surprise... Thanks to Jing who planned all these and the people who were there to surprise me! *touched*

Then, everyone go to my place, to eat the cake... and had "debate"... And they all went back at 3am *i think*

the happy red-eye birthday girl with her cake and coffee! *NICE*

3:40am - Finished replying FB & Fster's Bday wishes...

9am - Awaken by the mother's call and msgs

9:30am - No electricity... so, I decided to paint my nails and play game...

11am *i think* - Ade come into my room with Starbucks paper bag and notes from friends... TADAAA~~~

Touching kan? from my classmates tho some i'm not even close with... but those cards are really personalised lor...*touched*... oh, guess how many in total??? =D - thanks again to Jing for planning all these~-

12pm - J came to my place with his 3 civil buddies and agnes *again* with a cake, a bday song and a present! I was super surprised in my cincai look again *luckily not baru-bangun's face* and omg i look so ah-ma... We went to 9-to-5 for lunch after that.

630pm - Went for dinner in Citrus... I think the food there is okla...~

the table...

Then after that we head down to Park Everly *but its not the feel we're looking for...* hahaha~ so we headed down to Mariott. Had Cheesecake and wine and picture taking... Let the picture speaks for itself~ :)

the cheesecakes and wine...

The girls...and of course, the spoiler's work~ *roll eyes*

A pic with my cake... and of course *again* with the spoiler's finger... *roll eyes again*
Funny pic... wind was blowing like crazy...was trying to save my candle... *i got muscle!!! noticed that???*

3rd birthday cake! Me: "i wish.... my wishes to be granted! Thank You..."

So, all in all... I enjoyed the night... didn't get to take lots *nice* pictures cuz my eye was freaking red that night i kinda look like a zombie... *roll eyes again kuasa 2*

Thanks to... Everyone... for making my twen-TEEN-one Birthday a memorable one!

TO... Joel - for the awesome pictures...

CSS family - for the Surprise and the cake and the wishes! *and feeding the campus' mosquitoes*

Those who came to the dinner - Thanks for your time *i know everyone is busy...but u all still made it... :'(*

Those who send meaningful sms-es,msn msg-es, msn pm-es dedicated to me for the whole day, facebook's, friendsters', prayers', the notes, beautiful presents and just thoughts! THANKS... *If I own a Starbucks Franchise, I belanja u all ba.... But kan, like i said la... IF! hahaha~ Sorry la, I'm not born rich....*

Anyways... Thanks... *crying buckets and drums of tears dy...* I super happy u all... really... Thanks!

So, last note from me...
with the coffeeness in me,

p/s: if I have the time, I'll post up my pressies that I received in my next post... that is IF la... *exam soon baaa.......*
p/p/s: more pics available in my fb and fster soon... SOON! =D
- m e r l y s s a -
Soft Opening of My 2nd Blog... *popping champaign* (the one in Eastwood is nice btw~) ;)