- m e r l y s s a -
I miss my room.
(the one back in Miri of course)

It's not big,
not VERY comfy,
no fancy stuff.

Only have one single bed,
one study table,
one chair,
one cupboard,
and 2 book shelves.
used to be only one but I bought another one from Val for RM10)

this is the place where I used to spend most of my time,
where I do my series marathon,
where I rush my assignments from sunset to sunrise,
where my housemates come kepoh and do pillow talk,
where I spilled my coffee few times,
the room I least manage among the others in the house

(store not counted),
where I pamper myself,
where I eat my meals when I'm alone,
and most of all...
where I feel I'm most comfortable among any other places in Miri.

It's not that my room here is not comfortable
or not giving me the same feeling...
It's not that I would trade the world to have that room back,
it's just that I miss
this place a lot...
My hiding place.

This is before and after I pack my stuffs...
(yes I know, not very neat)

Half-way thru packing my stuff...
*ok, don't faint*

This is how messy my table and walls are~
*i still keep those small notes and cards, love em'*

Me CLEO collection! well, just part of it... =)

Hmm, I guess that's about it.

Till then,

with the coffeeness in me,

Random & Irrelevant: Weather in Labuan is Super hot and oh, the haze is not making it any better. Pfft~

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